Organizing Consulting

We begin with an initial free consultation phone call where we discuss your objectives and see how I can support you. At our first session we devise a strategy to accomplish your goals.

•  Let go of emotional baggage weighing you down
•  Set things up in a way that works with your style and needs
•  Bring calm to ADHD disorganization
•  Feel a sense of flow and ease in your daily routine

In our phone or video sessions I will guide you in steps to take to clear the clutter using my proven simple sorting method. I guide you through sticky spots with revised solutions so you can make progress between meetings. Soon you will have things up in a way customized to your style and circumstances. You can work at your own pace and for a fraction of the cost.

If you prefer, we can work together each step of the way. You get the same support you’d get if we were side-by-side. Using your phone camera or a web cam I can take you through the process of creating a clutter free environment simply set up for you.

It should not be how anyone else would do things – individuality and personality are key to my approach.

All consultations are completely confidential


Contact me for your free consultation: call or email. Stripe or PayPal accepted.  My rate is $50/hour.

Before and After

Prepare Ready Pantry

Clear out those expired products.  Gather items into categories so you can find what you need easily.  Make cooking a joy again.

Office Supplies

Get rid of duplicates, waste and clutter.  Bring order to your supply closet in a way that makes sense to you.  Easily spot supply levels, grab what you need and work more efficiently.



Develop life-sustaining habits

– Rigel T

Overwhelmed with my stuff

Melissa helped me get started with just a few things at a time. She also let me know that I was not the only one who needed this help. I was comforted by her reminding me that we will proceed at my pace. She was genuinely concerned about my issues with my stuff and she helped me accomplish my goals. I appreciate her suggesting what I can manage without and what to keep. -Barbara G

The big job that intimidated me

Melissa has a great personality and a can-do attitude. We looked at the big job that intimidated me so much, and Melissa was very encouraging. She went over first steps and later that same day she sent a detailed plan with an estimated time and cost – very reasonable! I’m very happy with her work. – Barbara L.

The system makes sense

Melissa did an excellent job organizing my parent’s garage. She was efficient and very professional. She recommended appropriate shelving, which we are still using. My parents are able to find everything in the garage now, and the organization system that Melissa implemented makes sense. I would highly recommend Melissa’s organizing skills for any project or room. Her talents are amazing! – Allison W.

We can do this

Having Melissa organize my classroom closet was the best decision I have made for myself and my students. My classroom had years’ worth of outdated curricula accruing in my closet leaving zero space for my current classroom materials.
Melissa took one look at my closet and smiled. She said, “This will be fun. We can do this.” She assured me that after we were done not only would my closet be organized. I would be able find whatever teaching materials I needed instantly.
I had my doubts, but met with Melissa a few weeks later for the “Big Clean”. Melissa’s good sense of humor and efficiency know-how turned my ‘Closet of No Return”, into an actual usable functional area! Not only did Melissa help me organize my materials she did it in a manner that was easy for me to maintain. Having Melissa organize my closet has helped me access my materials quickly, and has made me a more efficient teacher. Thank you Melissa! -Eva Tristan